Sunday, February 3, 2008

3rd Series of Malaysia Banknote - RM10 with LEAD

On 5th January 2004, Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) has upgraded version of the RM10 denomination currency notes with an enhanced security feature . The upgraded RM10 currency note has an optical variable holographic strip on the obverse (similar to the strip used on RM50 and RM100 currency notes).

The introduction of the holographic strip is part of the Bank's continuous efforts to improve the security features of the currency notes. The holographic strip makes the currency note more difficult to duplicate and yet easily detectable by the public.

Basically, the upgraded RM10 currency note retains the existing design, colour, security features and size. Except for the holographic strip, there is no significant change in the original design on the obverse and reverse of the upgraded RM10 currency note. They have been printed on the same material as in other circulating Malaysian currency notes.

RM10 with LEAD issued since 2004

RM10 issued since 1998

Detail of LEAD on revised RM10 Note

LEAD is a Longlasting Economical Anticopy Device. Its holographic design represents the same motifs as used in the red area with which the LEAD strip is partially overprinted as well as the words "RM10" and "BNM". The colours of these elements change when the view angle is shifted. On both sides of the strip a dedicated print pattern becomes visible under ultra-violet light.

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