Sunday, February 17, 2008

7 ways to increase your collections

1) Declare collecting as your hobby
Be sure to let your family members, relatives and friends know that you are crazy in collecting banknotes and coins. Always ask them for any excessive currency or items during their business trips or traveling to foreign countries. I believe if you ask around frequently, you will not be surprise that they are willing to give their excessive foreign currency to you to add into your collections. Always start to ask for a the smallest denominations or face value.

2) Exchange or swap your collection
There are many collectors out there whom are willing and consistently looking for other collectors to swap their banknote from all over the world. Be sure that you be part of them. You can easily get them through the yahoo groups, blogs or websites. If you have duplicate banknotes in your collection, always swap it with other collectors to increase your collection. Be careful on those dishonor collectors whom default during exchanging process. Do your own research, you can find those default collectors whom are blacklisted by other collectors.

3) Purchase directly from authorized money changer or local bank
One of the ways to increase your collection is to buy directly from the authorized money changers. You will be surprise most of the time when you are telling them that you are a banknote collectors, they are willing to sell it to you in pieces and they might offer you for some old version notes. Many times, they have some reasonable good notes and are selling at good price. Try to establish a good relationship with money changer agency, you will get few extra ordinary deals.

4) Purchase through auction.
One of the famous and established online auctions where you can bid your desire collection is through Ebay ( or Lelong ( There are thousand of banknotes or coins that are auction online everyday. If you spend some time to search through, you can easily find some good banknotes or coins that are selling with reasonable prices. Remember to take time to look through and compare the merchandise before closing a deal.

5) Purchase directly from dealers.
Search through the internet and you can easily find banknotes and coins dealers around the worlds. Check the background of the dealer before closing a deal. If you are interested on a particular country’s banknote or coin, try to look up for local dealer. These dealers can sell at much reasonable price compare to others.

6) Visit your local flea market.
Local flea market provides you an alternative location to search through your collections. Many of the sellers will gather at flea market with your collections for sell. Search for your desire banknote and coin and start bargain with them. Only through the bargain process, you will get a better deal. For example, in Malaysia, local collectors can visit Amcorp Mall located at Petaling Jaya on every Saturday and Sunday where many collectors displays and sell their collectible items.

7) Be membership of your local numismatic society.
Your participation in numismatic society will keep update you on latest news on banknotes or coins collections. As a member, you will be kept informed on the latest events such as exhibition. Some Numismatic Society provides free examination on your collection and gives advice on the current value of your collection.


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