Sunday, February 24, 2008

Animal Series 2003

Animal Series 2003

1. Sumatran Tiger. The Sumatran tiger is endangered due to habitat loss, illegal hunting, conflicts with human, and the use of their parts in traditional medicines in the region. The Sumatran tiger is distinctive from the other cat species by the highly specialized pattern of numerous, nearly vertical dark stripes, extending from the spine over the flanks to the belly, generally broken up into simple or loose stripes and always conspicuous against the bright red or yellowish tan color of the upper side and the pale white hue of the underside.

2. Orang Utan. The Pongidae family includes the large, intelligent tail-less primates such as chimpanzee and gorilla of Africa and Orang Utan of Borneo and Sumatra.

3. Asiatic Elephant. The elephant is the largest land mammal now threatened due to destruction of their habitat.

4. Sumatran Rhinoceros. The Sumatran Rhinoceros, the smallest member of the Rhinocerotidae family has a rough skin, which is black and hairy.

5. Slow Loris. The Slow Loris or Kongkang can be distinguished by its round head and big bulging eyes. Its second toe has long curved claw while the other toes have flat nails. The body and limbs are stout with a coat of defence fur of varying color.

6. Barking Deer. The Barking Deer can be distinguished by its reddish brown upper body and whitish colour on the lower body.

7. Malayan Tapir. The Malayan Tapir is stoutly built with only a stumpof a tail. They have short legs with forelimbs bearing four toes and the hindlimbs, three toes. One of the outstanding features of the tapir is the presence of the snout, which resembles a short trunk.

8. Serow. Serows have large heads with ears resembling that of a donkey. Their dark body is heavily built with sturdy legs. A heavy crest of white hairs extends on the back of its neck.

9. Gaur. The Gaur can be easily identified due to its body, which resembles the domestic cattle and buffalo.

10. Sambar Deer. The Sambar Deer is one of the most popular game animals in the region, similar to the Barking Deer. Although it was once widespread, over-exploitation of this animal has resulted in a decline in population in some places.

11. Clouded Leopard. The Clouded Leopard is the largest among the small to medium-size cats. This beautiful animal is being hunted for its fur and bones, which are used in traditional medicine.

12. Proboscis Monkey. Proboscis Monkeys belong to the group of monkeys known as colobines or "leaf-eater", all of whose members have greatly enlarged stomachs.

Technical Specification of Animal Series 2003
Type: Nordic Gold Coin
Composition: Cu89 Zn5 Al5 Sn1
Diameter (mm) : 30.00
Weight (g) : 9.16
Thickness (mm) : 2.0
Approved Mintage : 100,000 pieces
Face Value : 25 Sen

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