Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bird Series 2005

Bird Series 2005

1. Straw-Headed Bulbul. This species is the biggest among Bulbuls which has fine melodious songs. Sometimes it delivers bubbling songs by duetting pairs in the early morning. It can be identified by size and by its rich rufous-buff crown; which appears streaked or furrowed. Other characteristics include blackish moustache-like and mark through eye, pale throat and underparts, and a narrow light streaks on its breast and back.

2. Great Argus. One of the most famous of South-East Asian birds, the Great Argus is always heard chirping but is seldom seen in the wild.

3. White Bellied Sea Eagle. White Bellied Sea Eagle is the biggest species among raptors. It has an impressive wingspan which makes it easily identifiable.

4. Collared Kingfisher. The Collared Kingfisher is distinguished by its turquoise crown, back, wings and tail. It has a whitish collar and underparts, bordered by a fine black line. Its feet and beak are blackish grey in colour. When its wings are spread out in flight, they look greenish-blue.Its total length from beak to tail its between 24 to 26 cm.

5. Asian Fairy Bluebird. The male bird of this species has shiny light blue upperparts including the rump while the underparts, wings, tail and face are black in colour. Meanwhile, the female's body is turquoise, while its eyes are red with its side and tip of its wings being black.

6. Rhinoceros Hornbill. The Rhinoceros Hornbill is among the most popular of the hornbills species. It can be distinguihed by its yellow beak with a red patch at the base.

7. Nicobar Pigeon. This unique pigeon has a dark iridescent green plumage, a dark head as well as dark-coloured wings and a white tail.

8. Crested Wood Partridge. The male species is dark, glossy blue with a maroon crest. The legs and the skin around the eyes are red in colour and it has a bright red patch on its beak. It has blackish brown wings which contrast with its metallic purplish-blue body. The female has a dull grassy green body with a grey head, rufous wings, reddish legs and reddish skin around the eyes.

9. Black and Red Broadbill. This small yet stout species has black upper parts and deep red under parts, with a black band across its chest. It also has a red rump which is concealed when perched.Also seen is a long white streak across its wings. This species ' bill is bluish-green on the top part and yellow on the bottom part. A young Black and Red Broadbill show similarities with an adult bird in terms of colour, except for the under part, which is reddish-buff.

10. Great Egret. This species is the largest among the egrets and its size is easily distinguishable especially when in flight. The Great Egret has a strong bill and its feathers are mostly pure white. During breeding season, its bill turns black and its face will become bluish-green while the calves will be reddish or greenish in contrast to the rest of its black legs. A non-breeding Great Egret usually has a yellow bill with sometimes darkish tip, greenish-yellow face and black legs and toes.

11. Green Imperial Pigeon. This pigeon has ash grey feathers on its head, neck, chest and the under parts while the tail is all dark apart from its tail coverts which is chestnut in colour. It has light green wings and upper parts, red feet and grey bill with red base. The young pigeons are paler in colour compared to the adults, including the head, neck and underparts.

12. Brown Shrike. The Brown Shrike can be spotted between mid September until April in open areas. Its feathers are mainly caramel or rufous brown with a patch on its black face resembling a mask, whilst its forehead and eyebrow are pale. The crown and tail are yellow, with light brown to whitish underparts. Young Brown Shrikes have a faint and narrow blackish streak on its flanks and back.

Technical Specification of Bird Series 2005
Type: Nordic Gold Coin
Composition: Cu89 Zn5 Al5 Sn1
Diameter (mm) : 30.00
Weight (g) : 9.16
Thickness (mm) : 2.0
Approved Mintage : 100,000 pieces
Face Value : 25 Sen


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