Saturday, February 9, 2008

Replacement Notes

Replacement notes are the reprinted banknotes that replace those mistake notes in the printing process. During the printing process, some notes might be imperfect, damage or have error in printing. Thus, these mistake printed notes are required to be destroyed and replaced by central bank. New notes with a special prefix or serial number or other marking will then be issued as replacement notes. These replacement notes are rare and they have became the target of many collectors since they were introduced back then.

In Malaysia, the first series of replacement banknotes were carried the prefix of Z/1. In the revised of the first series, some of the replacement banknotes were carried the prefix of X/1.

1st Series of Replacement note with prefix Z/1

The second series of replacement banknotes did not carry a permanent or consistence prefix. They were varied depending on the denomination of banknotes. For example, $1 replacement note was marked as BA; $5 replacement note carried prefix of NZ; $10 replacement note had a prefix of QA; $50 replacement note used the prefix of WA; $100 replacement note was named by prefix ZZ.
The revised second series adopted the same prefix as its original series except for the denomination of $100 which carried the prefix of ZU. Replacement banknote for denomination of $20, $500 and $1000 were also introduced and they were marked as UZ, ZX and ZZ respectively.

2nd Series of Replacement note with prefix BA

The third series of replacement banknotes have a consistence prefix. All the replacement notes are holding the same prefix. They are marked by either ZA, ZB, ZC, ZD etc. These replacement notes are relatively easier to be identified by the banknote collectors.

3rd Series of Replacement note with prefix ZA


Anonymous said...

I have a second series RM100, with prefix of ZZ, is it a replacement note?

bell xun said...

Very informative. Thanks.