Mar 23, 2008

What kind of banknote you should collect

I have mentioned earlier in my blog that collecting banknote can create wealth to a collector if you know how to manage it well. I think a lot of people will agree with it. However, as a smart collector you should be able to identify what type of banknote you should collect in order to generate income for you.

Collectors always look for something that is extra ordinary and rare in the market. The reason is very straight forward and simple. This is because they can appreciate in value faster than any other common notes. Having say that, those notes must be in perfect condition which it retains all the original feature, be it the banknote itself or its folder or cover.

I will share with you some of the common type of banknote that a typical collector will always look for.

Replacement Note

Replacement notes are the reprinted banknotes that replace those mistake notes in the printing process. During the printing process, some notes might be imperfect, damage or have error in printing. Thus, these mistake printed notes are required to be destroyed and replaced by central bank. New notes with a special prefix or serial number or other special marking will then be issued as a replacement note. These replacement notes are rare and they have became the target of many collectors.

Replacement note with prefix ZA

Error Note

Error notes are the mistake notes that due to printing error. Error could be due to many reason such as misalignment, color deterioration, missing number and etc. Normally, prior to issuing new banknotes, central bank will check and screen through each and every note to ensure notes to be issued to public are in good order. If any mistake or imperfect printed notes are discover, they will be destroyed and replaced with replacement note.

Misalignment Error Note

Fancy Number Note

Many collectors like to collect notes with fancy number. For example note with 1111111, 2222222, 3333333 and etc . These notes only can be obtained 1 in 9999999 for a different prefix that issued by central bank. Relatively they are rare and always become collector's favorite.

Note of fancy number

Commemorative Note

Commemorative notes are normally issued by central bank to commemorate a special event such as installation of new king, Independence anniversary, sport event and etc. These notes normally issued with limited copies and most of the time they also come together with special folder and description. The value of commemorative note normally will appreciate faster than ordinary circulating note.

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