Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Currency Legacy

The Currency Legacy - A Guide To Bank Negara Malaysia's Collection

This guide book was published in 26th January 1989 in conjunction with celebrating 30th Anniversary of Bank Negara Malaysia. It is one of the greatest books that gives historical background of Malaysia Banknote.

In its preface, the book gives brief introduction of setting up the Money Museum of Bank Negara back in 1979. The museum displays its collection through its galleries that clearly explained. The notes and coins are displayed in different galleries that include Primitive Money Gallery, the Pre-Colonial and Colonial Money Gallery, the Colonial Money Gallery, the Post-Colonial Money Gallery, the Minting Machine, the Minting of Coins, bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, World Commemorative Issues Gallery and the World Currency Gallery.

This guide book provides brief history and photos of each gallery. The primitive gallery covers the early money in the Malay States, Sarawak and Borneo. It also displays the primitive money in the form of animal money and Tampang or hat-shaped tin coins.

Pre-colonial and colonial money that displayed include coins of Kedah, Siamese and Chinese Gambling Counters, Coins of early Malay States, Coin and currency of Straits Settlements, Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya, Sarawak and British North Borneo, Japanese Occupation Currency and etc.

Colonial notes and coins that describe in the guide book
This book also provides the information of cultural artefacts depicted in the 2nd Series of Banknotes that issued in 1982. This series of notes design has been clearly explained with photos.

Cultural artefacts depicited in the 2nd Series Banknotes

This guide book has total of 48 pages. Almost every page provides colorful and attractive photos and illustrations. It has been one of my favorite collection guide book.

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