Monday, August 11, 2008

How to Protect Your Collection?

Preservation and conservation of your banknotes collection begins with using the correct material for storage, proper handling and safekeeping.

Correct Material
Ensure that all material used for storing the banknotes are acid free to prevent it from damaging the banknote. Do not use common household products such as plastic wrappers, plastic bags, etc. for storing your banknotes as most plastics contain PVC (PolyVInyl Chloride) which can trap moisture and release acidic gases harmful to the banknote and may cause discoloration over the course of time. Avoid paper envelops as they contain sulphur. To keep them in the best possible condition you should use Mylar holders or other equivalent products which have been tested and approved for long term banknote storage.

Proper Handling
Your collection should be handled only when necessary. Avoid handling banknotes with your bare fingers as that will soil, leave marks, oil or sweat on the banknotes. Instead, use a pair of tweezers with studded ens to pick up the banknotes and if you must hold the banknotes with your fingers, make sure you wash and dry your hand. When you place the banknotes on a surface for examination, make sure that the surface is free from dirt, liquid or other potential contaminating elements.

Regular Inspection
Inspect your collection regularly and this will help you detect any deterioration at the early stage. It will help you prevent further deterioration by taking the necessary steps such as changing the banknote holder, sleeves and album or move them to a more conductive environment.

Conductive Environment
Always store your collection in a dry and cool place, away from moisture. Avoid direct sunlight and ultra-violet rays that may be destructive to your collection Banknotes are best stored at a constant temperature of 20-24 Celsius and a relative humidity of 45-55%. If the banknotes are kept in a small area, use silica gel and in large area, use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture and humidity.


Alex said...

hi, I am new in this hobby, can you tell me where can I buy the collection book in penang area ? and how to keep coins ?? I have about 500 1 1919 1cents coins and I still trying my best to find a way to keep it.

Jack Hoo said...

Alex, you can find the collection book at major bookstore i.e. MPH, Kinokiniya, Popular etc. Alternative, you can contact the publisher, Trigometric Sdn Bhd, directly or at

There are many ways to store your coins. In short, you can opt for cardboard coin holder, coin album, plastic holder, coin tube etc. Keep them in good condition.