Saturday, August 9, 2008

World Polymer Banknotes

A Standard Reference of World Polymer Banknote

Polymer banknote collecting is a fascinating and exciting hobby and this reference provides the perfect introduction. Beginning with a brief history of the development of polymer banknotes, World Polymer Banknotes provides invaluable information and updated price guide for both collectors and non-collectors. It is illustrated throughout with high quality images of all polymer banknotes issued by countries around the world today.
  • A concise & easy reading reference

  • More than 200 high quality images

  • Covers all 26 countries to date

  • Includes updated price guide

  • Full colour illustration

  • More than 200 pages

This guide book gives brief introduction of the country and its polymer currency

This guide book was published as first edition in Malaysia in 2005 by Eureka Metro Sdn Bhd. it is one of the pioneer guide books that gives comprehensive introduction and collection of the world polymer banknotes. It provides country introduction pages which cover history of the country, the name of the currency used, year of the first polymer was issued and brief history of this currency. On the polymer banknotes listing pages, it covers the denomination of the banknotes, the reason of issuance, date of issuance, its printer and the sizes of the banknotes.

The polymer banknote pages that give detail description of the note

The polymer banknotes were printed with high resolution images of the front and reverse of the particular banknote with the detail description of these images. For a polymer banknote collector, it is a highly recommended comprehensive guide book.


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