Sep 17, 2008

Commemorative Coin - Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace 2003

This RM1 Commemorative coin was issued on 30 September 2003 by Bank Negara Malaysia to commemorate the event of Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) that held from 30 September 2003 to 5 October 2003 at Langkawi island.

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) Exhibition began in 1991 to showcase both commercial and defence related aerospace and maritime excellence and development both in equipment and systems. LIMA'03 is the seventh of this biennial show and it continues to witness successful partnerships, bringing about effective transfer of technology between global aerospace industry players and their Malaysian counterparts. LIMA combines air show prowess and maritime superiority in a stage that continues to grow as a premier event in the Asia Pacific Rim. This exhibition does Malaysia proud as it promotes the country in the global arena.

Techincal Specification

Type : Brilliant Uncirculated Cupro-Nickel Coin

Composition : Copper 75 Nickel 25

Diameter : 33.7 mm

Weight : 16.8 g

Thickness: 2.6 mm

Approved Mintage : 25,000 pieces

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