Monday, September 1, 2008

A Complete Set of RM2 (3rd Series)

A complete set RM2 with three different kind/arrangement of signatures

RM 2 was introduced back in 1996 during the introduction of 3rd Series of Malaysian Banknotes. The first RM2 was introduced in 1996 with the signature of Tan Sri Dato' Ahmad Mohd Don at the left side of the note (refer to top note). In January 1999, with the change of Bank Negara Governor to Tan Sri Dato' Sero Ali Abul Hassan, the signature has been changed but the location of the signature has still remain unchanged (refer to middle note).

However, in December 1999, this series of banknote has been revised with the signature shifted to the center of the note (refer to bottom note). With the re-introduction of RM1 of 3rd Series note in 1999, RM2 was slowly discontinued from the market despite it is still valid as circulation note today.

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