Monday, September 1, 2008

RM10 Replacement Note (3rd Series) With Running Numbers

The Replacement Notes for the Third Series carry the Prefix that starts with Z i.e. ZA, ZB, ZC etc. They are relatively hard to find compare to the normal circulated notes. This is just to share with you the replacement note of RM10 in ZA with running numbers. Generally, these running notes have higher value than individual replacement note.


Anonymous said...

I just found 4 copies of ZB series from my stack of RM10, which i receievd from the bank. It's in running number, and the notes are crispy new, unlike the remainder of the stack. What's the value for such notes?

Jack Hoo said...

You are consider lucky one. Obviously many collectors out there are willing to pay more than RM10 (per piece) to buy those notes. I would say around RM12 to RM20 for UNC depending on the collectors.