Jan 27, 2008

2nd Series of Malaysian Banknote (Type 2)

The Type 2 of the second series was introduced from 1986 to 1995 with the signature of Tan Sri Dato' Jaffar Hussein. This Type 2 series has removed the blind mark on upper left corner which was a feature of Type 1 notes. The prefix and serial number were printed vertically in red colour for the first time in Malaysian Banknotes. As part of the security feature, silver thread was introduced at a later stage.

All the designs inherited the previous type except for the RM5 and RM20 notes. The reverse of RM20 for both types feature the image of Bank Negara Building. However, the angle of the images taken were differently as one shown the from the front view while the other featured the right angle. On the other hand, the cross flag post illustrated on the reverse of RM5 had been modified on this Type 2 series.

Type 2 of Second Series of Malaysian Banknote







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lea porsec said...

saya ada satu yg mcm ni..dia serial no ck12....3 nk tau info pasal duit ni boleh?