Sunday, October 5, 2008

4th Series - RM50 Circulation Note

Despite the announcement by Bank Negara Malaysia on the release of RM50, a new fourth series of Malaysian currency note on 21 December 2007, it is learnt that they are not many of this note circulated in the market. It was a plan by BNM to replace its current currency (3rd Series) in stages with this newly release note. However, personally I have not seen any of this note during my withdrawal of money through ATM machines or bank counters. Neither I have seen it during the exchange of money while paying my grocery bills.

Many of us have speculated the reasons behind this incident. I was told by some collector that this newly release note is not able to "fit" (with technical problem) into our ATM machine and the cash deposit machine. Therefore, it is not widely circulated in the market. Will it be possible for BNM to discontinue this newly design note or a modification to all ATM machines need to be done? Or anyone who has idea on what is really going on?

The new RM50 note issued by BNM in December 2007


Anonymous said...

It's sad that they've came up with this totally worthless RM 50 note.
A bank note that the ATM can't accept. What a joke!
And whats the point of coming up with bank note one by one randomly?? Why can't BNM just replace all the old notes at one time.
The Malaysia money is so weird.
RM1 - Over printed
RM2 - Easily get teared
RM5 - Lots of fake one out there & tears easily too
RM10 - Why is there a shadow on the Agong's face???
RM50 - As mentioned above
RM100- Hard to use as many places do not except this big note.
-A frustrated citizen who cares for the country-

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