Sunday, October 5, 2008

World Banknote Atlas / World Paper Money Map

World atlas and flags of the world are sound familiar to everyone of us. But, have you came across with world banknote atlas? I got this piece this world banknote atlas through a friend of mine. This a a wonderful piece of banknote atlas which printed and laminated on both sides. It has a size of 700mm x 980mm and displays all 193 countries' banknote.

The front of this world banknote atlas feature all the obverse of the world banknotes. It has been categorised into five different zones through the major continents of the world namely Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania. It provides banknote images of 48 Asian countries, 46 European countries, 55 African countries, 34 American countries and 10 Oceania countries. The back of this world banknote atlas feature the the reserve of the world banknotes and some remarks of the currency use.

The country name and its currency are printed at the bottom of each banknote. They are printed in two different languages namely English and Chinese. This is a good piece of educational reference to all the younger generation to promote the hobby of collecting banknotes. At lease, we now can identify a country not just through its map or flag, but through its banknote too.

The front of the World Banknote Atlas with the world map at the center

The back of the World Banknote Atlas that feature the reverse of world banknote

A closer look at the World Banknote Atlas


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