Dec 25, 2008

Getting Banknote at Flea Market

There are many ways or places where you can purchase your favorite banknotes and add them into your collection. One the the places the I love to hang around searching for valuable banknote is at flea market.

I have mentioned earlier that in Klang Valley the most famous flea market (selling antique items) is located at Amcorp Mall. Many of the antiques and collectible items are displaying every weekend at ground floor till 2nd floor. For banknote collector, one can find many stalls that sell various kind of banknotes from different countries or even offer to buy your collection. All kind of antique notes can be found with reasonable price.

For Penang Island, I have heard numerous times on their flea market at Lorong Kulit and was only able to visit the place over the last weekend during my vocation there. Unlike Amcorp Mall, the Penang flea market is more traditional. It is held at an open car park area. You can see some of the vendors display and sell their goods over a blanket on the floor.

A seller displayed his collection items at flea market Penang

I particular like to visit the flea market because almost all antique things are sold there. Many times you can find the collectors are selling their collectible items which they have kept them for many years. Some of these collectible items are rare to find and are able to offer to you at your affordable price.

Many people have mentioned to me at they have some old banknotes and would like to offer for someone intrested but how can they do it? I think one way is to drop by these flea markets and you will find many dealers are willing to purchase from you if your have nice piece.

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