Jan 4, 2009

3rd Series - RM10 with Shadow on Portrait

It was highlighted by one of the collectors . The 3rd Series of RM10 has a shadow printed on Yang Di-Pertuan Agong's portrait. Interestingly, I check across all other denomination notes within the same series, none of them has this "obvious" shadow as printed in RM10 note (take a piece of RM10 note and have a closer look). Could it be the over-printed color that unintentionally spilled over during the printing process? Or could it be a feature that created purposely? Nevertheless, this is not an error note and many of us even not aware of this over-printed color issue.

An over-printed color or shadow on RM10 note

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Encyclobanknotes said...

I found 2pcs of RM10 with shadow on portrait in my collection. A note which i have to keep safely. :)