Jan 30, 2009

World Polymer Banknotes 2nd Edition

This is the 2nd edition of World Polymer Banknotes inherited from its 1st edition which was published in year 2005. The 2nd edition was published in June 2007, two years after its first publication by Eureka Metro Sdn Bhd. Updated from its previous edition, this guide book has provided information of polymer banknotes that covers 27 countries with the illustration of more than 200 high quality images with over 200 full color pages.

This is definitely a comprehensive guide book for polymer banknote collectors. It has equipped with useful information such as date of issuance, background or history of the banknote, the description of the banknote, its printer and size of the banknote. It also comes with a price guide for collectors reference.

Another interesting feature of this guide book is that it has received a runner-up award of The Best Public Education Program Category of the International Association of Currency Affairs during the Currency Conference in Bangkok in year 2007. Of course, it is truly an appreciation to three authors of this guide book Mr. Peter Eu, Mr. Ben Chew and Mr. Stane Straus.

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Aidan Work said...

That looks like a very interesting book that is coming out.

There's a World Polymer & Plastic Banknotes Group up on http://www.coinnetwork.com/groups .