Saturday, February 21, 2009

Security Features on 1st Series of Malaysian Banknotes

One of the ways to study or appreciate the development of the Malaysian Banknotes is through its security features. When the Bank Negara Malaysia first issued its 1st Series in Jun 1967, only minimum security features were introduced. The security features of the 1st Series note included the tiger head watermark located on the left and the security thread on the right.

1st Series was introduced with security features of tiger head water mark on the left and security thread on the right of the notes

It was only in January 1976 with the issuance of 1st Series Type 3 note, an additional security feature was introduced. This new security feature was adopted in the form of a "latent image" of the denominations printed in Arabic numerals at the lower left hand corner of the currency note.

1st Series Type 3 note with additional security feature by adding the "latent image" with denominations printed in Arabic numerals


Anonymous said...

Would like to check with you on the tiger head mark on the security feature.

Is the tiger head very clear or blur(unclear)?

I have a piece of this currency BUT the tiger head mark is very blur. So I suspect it may be a fake.

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