Apr 15, 2009

Commemorative Coins - International Year of Astronomy 2009

The Bank Negara Malaysia issued three types of commemorative coins on 13 April 2009 in conjunction with the global celebration of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. These commemorative coins were launched by YB Dato' Dr. Maximus Ongkili, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation at the Planetarium Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

RM100 commemorative coin issued in conjunction with the celebration of International Year of Astronomy 2009

These commemorative coins come in three different type of specification namely Gold Commemorative Coins (proof) with face value of RM100, Silver Commemorative Coins (proof) with face value RM10 and Nordic Gold Brilliant Uncirculated Commemorative Coins with face value RM1.

The obverse of these coins depict the Langkawi National Observatory with its main telescope in the centre. The background displays the constellation of stars known as the Orion Belt and the planet Saturn. The words "International Year of Astronomy 2009" appears in the circumference to signify the global celebration of astronomy.

The reverse of these coins feature the official logo of International Year Astronomy 2009 and its main theme "The Universe, Yours To Discover". The words "Bank Negara Malaysia" and the denomination of the coin is reflected on the upper and lower circumference of the coin respectively.

Technical Specifications

(a) RM100 Gold Proof Coin

Alloy : Gold (Au999.9)

Selling Price : RM1,200

Mintage Quantity (piece/set) : 100

Diameter (mm) : 22.00

Weight (gram) : 7.96

Shape : Round with milled edge

(b) RM10 Silver Proof Coin

Alloy : Silver (Ag92.5)

Selling Price : RM150

Mintage Quantity (piece/set) : 350

Diameter (mm) : 35.70

Weight (gram) : 21.00

Shape : Round with milled edge

(c) RM1 Nordic Gold (B.U.)

Alloy : Cu89 Zn5 Al5 Sn1

Selling Price : RM10

Mintage Quantity (piece/set) : 10,000

Diameter (mm) : 30.00

Weight (gram) : 8.80

Shape : Round with milled edge

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