Jun 26, 2009

Coins and Banknotes Auction

The 140th Coins and Banknotes Auction will be held at Muzium Negara on 5 July 2009 (Sunday) at 10a.m. This event is jointly organised by the Malaysia Numismatic Society and Department of Museums Malaysia. For those who are interest to find some good pieces of coins or banknotes that can be added into their collection, this is definitely one of the way of doing so. Unfortunately, there isn't any catalogue or circulation published on the MNS website which they normally will do so. For location map of Department of Museums Malaysia, please click here.


Allan said...

Someone in the society need to assume responsibilty or to take an acive role in updaing the website.

Allan said...

Another auction coming up in September 2009, will our MNS website be updated to include the auction list ?