Jun 20, 2009

Sarawak Government Treasury Emergency Note - 10 Cents 1919

This is an early issuance note by The Sarawak Government Treasury in 1919. It was issued as an Emergency Note on 5 June 1919 prior to the official issuance of the Sarawak banknotes on 1 July 1919 which bear the portrait of Charles Vyner Brooke.

The Sarawak Government Treasury issued Emergency Note in two denominations namely 10 cents and 25 cents. These notes were signed by George C. Gillian, the Treasurer of The Sarawak Governemnt Treasury. They were printed by the Government Printing Press at Kuching and thus the printing and paper quality were not as good as those printed in London.


Abang Samsul Ezam said...

I have to two pieces of these old notes, One is cellotaped (done very long time ago) the other is ok. Just wondering, how much are these notes worth these days, coz i dont see them around anymore, it is much easier to get coins. Asking your expert opinion on this. thx

Anonymous said...

Depending on the note condition, collector will pay you hundreds for a piece of your old note.

Anonymous said...

I am kin for your old note, can you contact me?


Michael said...

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