Friday, July 17, 2009

4th Series of RM50 Banknote - Security Features

Bank Negara Malaysia has introduced its RM50 of Fourth Series of Malaysia Banknote on 15 July 2009. The newly introduced of the RM50 has incorporated several modern and innovative security featues to deter counterfeiting. It also retains some of the existing security features for public verification. Among these enhanced security features are:-

The Colour Shifting Security Thread

1) The Colour Shifting Security Thread which replaces the existing security thread and is embedded in the paper. The thread appears on the reverse side of the note as coloured intermittent lines. When held against light, it is seen as a continuous dark coloured line and the repeated text of BNM RM50 can be read. When the note is tilted, the colour of the thread changes from red to green and vice versa. Under ultra-violet light, the repeated text of BNM RM50 will fluoresce yellow and the thread is seen as a continuous fluorescent yellow line when the banknote is viewed from the obverse.

Two-Cloured Fluorescent Elements

2) The Two-Coloured Fluorescent Elements is an additional invisible printed feature on the reverse of the note. Under ultra-violet light, a complex design two-colour numeral 50 will fluoresce.

The watermark portrait of Yang Di-Pertuan Agong

3) The Watermark Portrait can be recognised by tints that are lighter or darker than the surrounding paper. This watermark portrait which has a three-dimensional effect appears without sharp outlines. At the base of the watermark, the numeral 50 is clearly visible.

Perfect See-through Register

4) Perfect See-Through Register features the songket design on the obverse and reverse of the banknote when it is held against the light.

5) Invisible Fluorescent Elements of the background on the obverse and reverse of the banknote which fluoresces in different colours under ultra-violet light.

6) Micro-Letterings of "BNM RM50" which can be viewed under a magnifying glass.

Holographic Stripe

7) Holographic Stripe features the numeral 50 and hibiscus flower

8) Multicolor Latent Image where the numeral 50 is visible when the banknote is tilted slightly and changes colour when it is rotated.

9) Anti-Scanner feature in which certain design cannot be captured by scanning machines.

10) Braille Feature for the visually impaired.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the several modern and innovative security features to deter counterfeiting are NOT working as well as BNM has expected. Seems like there are quite a large amount of counterfeit new RM50 floating in circulation, so much so that moneychangers are checking every piece with their UV lights. But for the common public, it's almost "impossible" to tell the difference with just the naked eyes and besides, it will be extremely troublesome and embarassing to scrutinise every piece of the new RM50 that we receive during our daily exchanges or purchases.

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