Sunday, August 16, 2009

4th Series : RM50's Differences

By now, we should be familiar with this newly released of RM50 circulation notes. At least, these notes are now loaded in commercial banks' ATM and waiting for your withdrawal. As most of collectors recognise major different of the earlier issuance (issued in late 2007 and early 2008) whereby the 50th Anniversary logo was printed on the upper right corner of the reverse of the note, one might only notice the disappearance of the 50th Anniversary logo the the new released banknote.

However, take a closer look into the banknote again (with Prefix AF0000001 above), there are several differences as compare the earlier issuance. These differences are:-

  • Obverse - The portrait of Yang Di-Pertuan Agong is printed slightly slimmer than earlier.
  • Obverse - The Governor's signature "Zeti Aziz" is slightly bigger than earlier.
  • Reverse - The 50th Anniversary of upper right corner has disappeared.
  • Reverse - The wording of "1957 - 2007" beside the RM50 at the lower middle portion has disappeared
  • Reverse - Change of new security thread.


Anonymous said...

When will the new 4th series Rm1, RM5, Rm10 and Rm100 hits the market? Seldom see any solids RM50 yet on auction on ebay .....

Jack Hoo said...

The release of other notes of 4th series has yet to be announced by BNM.