Saturday, September 5, 2009

Polymer Banknote Printer

As we are aware, Bank Negara Malaysia has so far issued two polymer banknotes until to date. The first polymer banknote also known as RM50 Commemorative Note was issued in 1998 to commemorate the Kuala Lumpur '98 XVI Commonwealth Games. The second polymer banknote was issued in the form of circulation polymer RM5 banknote in which in adopted the almost the same design and feature of the paper type note.

RM50 Commemorative Polymer Banknote

RM5 Circulation Polymer Banknote

Besides both are polymer banknotes, they do have a common feature. That is they are printed by Note Printing Australia (NPA). Not just Malaysia, there are many countries in the world are using Australian technology in term of polymer note printing. Further information about the Polymer Banknotes printed by NPA is shown through the link provided here.

NPA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia. It was the organisation that started to print paper money for Australian and later introduced polymer banknote technology same year after it was coporatised in 1998.

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