Nov 22, 2009

$100 Japanese Occupation of Malaya Banknote

A complete series of Japanese Occupation of Malaya note consists of 9 denominations namely 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 100 dollars and 1000 dollars. These notes bear a prefix of 'M' that represents 'Malaya'.

Unlike others denominations which only has a single design, the 100 dollars note has two different types. The common circulation notes back then was the Type 2 note (features a Malaya village) and for that reason the Type 2 (features workers tapping rubble trees) note is more difficult to obtain. The value of these two notes also varies a lot. The type 1 note is easily 10x higher that the Type 2 note.

Type 1 of 100 dollars Japanese Occupation note

Type 2 of 100 dollars Japanese Occupation note

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