Dec 6, 2009

Banknote Holder

For a beginner, a banknote album and holder could be expensive to them. Most of the banknote album and holder are imported from oversea and it is quite costly. An imported and good quality banknote album with holders can easily cost few hundred bulks and therefore not many of the beginner can afford it.

However, banknote holder and protector is required and essential to protect your banknote. It is advisable not to use plastic wrappers or plastic bags to store your banknote as most plastics contain PVC (PolyVInyl Chloride) which can trap moisture and release acidic gases harmful to the banknote and may cause discoloration over the course of time.

I notice that some of the banknote holders are also produced locally and they price is much cheaper than those imported. As comparison, I have scanned both of the banknote holders: locally made and imported for your viewing. Of course I have added a black separator for easy viewing as both holders suppose to be transparent.

Banknote holder by local brand - Numis

Banknote holder by Leuchtturm, Gemarny

Notice that manufacturer names are printed on the left side (near the punched holes). Local made printed with "Numis" while the imported printed with "Vario - Made in Germany". Besides, you can also feel that the quality of two holders are different and there is where you need to pay extra for the imported holder. Having said that, the local made holders are also safe to be used.

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