Dec 13, 2009

The Chronicles of The Ringgit

This is a very interesting book about the history and development of "Ringgit" or Malaysian currency during the colonial, pre-independence and post Independence. This book is co-published by "Lembaga Muzium Negeri Pulau Pinang" and "Pesatuan Warisan Numismatik Kesultanan Melayu, Malaysia". I am glad to obtain this book during my recent visit to Penang State Museum.

"Ceritera Ringgit" or The Chronicles of The Ringgit

This book is written in two languages namely Malay and English. It is divided into three sections. The Section 1 gives the definition and origin of the Ringgit. It explains the meaning of "Trade Currency" in general and recounts the origin of the "Ringg it" which has been used throughout the Malay world, from the very beginning up to present day Malaysia.

The Section 2 explains the Ringgit and its supporting fractions. This section touches on several types of currency fractions which had been circulated to support the "Ringgit or Dollar" system, from the early days until present.

The Section 3 of this book provides information on the value of Ringgit. It covers lightly on the value of the Ringgit as compared to commodity, as as t be able to feel its changing value in daily life, with the passage of time.

Section 1 covers the trade currency and the origin of the Ringgit.

Section 2 gives information on the Ringgit and its supporting fractions

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