Jan 10, 2010

Coins of North Malaya

This is just to share another currency guide book by Willam Shaw and Mohd Kassim Haji Ali which was published in 1971 by Museum Negara. This book briefs and explains the history and development of coins in northern Malaya States as early as in 13th century.

Coins of North Malaya by William Shaw and Mohd Kassim Haji Ali

It covers the coin development in Kedah, Kelatan - Patani and Terengganu. There are many types of coins that being discussed and expained by the authors. Among them are gold, silver, copper, and pewter coins intorduced by various Malay rulers.

The authors also cover the story of 'Kijang' gold coin that introduced by the Kelantan. 'Kijang' coin, a name derived from the image of the animal that constituted the obverse design of the coin. In the early varieties this had the apperance of a humped-back Indian bull. However, over the years it underwent a gradual metamorphosis until it more nearly resembled the Malayan 'Kijang', or barking deer. This animal was used as the logo of Bank Negara Malaysia.

Ancient gold coins of Kelantan - Kupang

Ancient coins circulated in Northern Malaya States

For coin lover, you might want to understand further on the history and development of early coins in northern Malaya States. This book suit you perfectly to give you better understanding of early coins that you have collected or intend to collect.


well88 said...

It is interesting! Where can we get hold of this book?

Jack Hoo said...

It is available at Musuem Negara located at Kuala Lumpur. Alternative you can obtain via Department of Museums Malaysia online at http://www.jmm.gov.my/ms/category/jenis-penerbitan/cetakan?page=1

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