Saturday, January 16, 2010

Specimen Banknote - $1 & $10 Malaya And British Borneo

These are another two pieces of specimen banknotes printed by Thomas De La Rue. As discussed earlier these specimen banknotes have a few common features. Among these features are the banknotes printed with serial number of all zero. They are also stamped and punched with the word "SPECIMEN" on the face of the banknotes.

The 1959 Malaya And British Borneo $1 Specimen Banknote

The 1961 Malaya And British Borneo $10 Specimen Banknote

These specimen banknotes are very rare. Despite the face values of these notes are only $1 and $10, the actual values of these notes have appreciated rapidly. They are worth more than ten thousands Ringgit today.


路人 said...

hi there, nice set of specimen notes... are these yours???

路人 said...

hi, just wanna ask you the difference between printer specimen(specimen banknotes with printer names like TDLR and specimen no) and normal/ordinary specimen banknotes..can u tell me the difference???

susan said...

Are japanese banknotes from Malaysia worth anything

Jack Hoo said...

There are few rare types of Malayan Japanese Occupation notes such as those with serial number are with high value.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,
I came across a similar $10 note with serial no A/1 000000 but with "proof no 264/11" printed on the lower margin only. is this a specimen note too?

Jack Hoo said...

Hi Terrence, I suspect that is a proof banknote which normally printed to test run the printing design.

godfrey gan said...

Hi,I have a bank notes want to let go.How can I contact you?

FND RAHIM said...

i have Malaya & British Borneo Banknote 1959 much it worth today...and where can i sell it..coz i really want to sell it ASAP..

FND RAHIM said...

C/4 182641 dated(1st march 1959)
C/8 179696 dated(1st march 1959)
Both RM$1 for sale with best offer.