Sunday, February 28, 2010

RM100 By Harrison & Son Company

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has adopted many printer companies in banknote printing. Most of the Malaysian banknotes in its earlier series were printed mainly by Bradbury Wilkinson & Co and Thomas De La Rue. At its later stage, the banknotes were also printed by others printers such as BA Banknote, United States Banknote, Canadian Banknote, Francois Charles Oberthur, Giesecke & Devrient and Harrison & Son.

Among all these printers, I am trying to figure out which printer company have printed the least in Malaysian banknote, of course this is in reference to the banknote denomination, signature and year of issuance.

I might not be correct completely. I find that the RM100 signed by Ahmad Don and printed by Harrison & Son Company is one of the least printed banknotes as far as the banknote printer is concern. Of course the printer also printed for RM500 of the same series.

2nd Series of RM100 signed by Tan Sri Dato' Ahmad Mohd Don and printed by Harrison & Son Company.

Let's take a quick check. This RM100 note is printed in two prefixes i.e. AN and AP. In other words, the total of full issuance of these notes is only 20 million pieces. Comparing to the same denomination note in this series, it is consider relatively rare. Surprisingly, the guide book has not reflected the value of this note and many of us might not aware of it. The value of this note is tagged par as the same series of RM100 printed by TDLR. One thing to note is that this is the very last print of the 2nd Series of RM100 before the introduction of 3rd Series (Wawasan).

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money - Pick Catalog

As a Malaysian banknote collector, we are very familiar with the "Malaysia Banknotes and Coins" guide book edited by K.N. Boon. I am pretty sure on that. But, do we also aware that indeed international collectors have been using a guide book or a catalog for world currency?

Many times, we over heard that the international collectors always quote banknote reference in relation to "Pick Catalog". What is Pick Catalog? Apparently, Pick Catalog is short name that given the collectors in reference to the "Standard Catalog of World Paper Money" in line with the name of founder and author of the book - Albert Pick.

Albert Pick, a German numismatist, introduced the Pick-number system whereby collectors can unambiguously identify and catalogue each banknote based on its origin and variant. By using this system, collectors can always make reference to a particular note without misinterpretation. For instant, P120a is made reference to a country circulating note where the "a" is referred to its variants, be it different in issuance date, signature or printer. He used the prefix code in such that 'P' for circulating note; 'PS' for special issuance; 'PM' for military issuance and etc.

The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money published by Krause Publications in three volumes and currently under the editorship of George S. Cuhaj.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RM1 Specimen Banknote

Many collectors love to collect banknotes with fancy numbers. How about having a banknote with a unique serial number of MS0000000? This is not a normal circulation banknote but it is rather a specimen banknote. Take a closer look on the following scans. Does it look interesting to you? Oh, definitely yes.

This is a piece of 3rd series of RM1 specimen banknote printed by the Canadian Banknote Company. It is signed by Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz and the word "CONTOH" is stamped in red at both obverse and reverse sides of the banknote.

RM1 Specimen Banknote with serial number MS0000000. A collection of Kelvin Cheung.

RM5 Specimen Banknote By Canadian Banknote Company

This is a piece of specimen banknote printed by Canadian Banknote Company. This particular series of RM5 banknote is signed by the BNM Governor Tan Sri Dato' Ahmad Bin Mohd Don and the prefix of this note is running from QK to QW. This specimen banknote is printed with a serial number of QK0000000 and the word "CONTOH" or "SPECIMEN" is stamped in red at the both sides of the note.

RM5 specimen note with serial number QK0000000. A collection of Kelvin Cheung.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

RM1 'Z' Series

Many collectors have raised a same question, that is, whether all the RM1 'Z' series are the replacement notes? Some say yes and others say no. Many of them have shared their valuable opinions in this matter. One thing is for sure that ZA, ZB, ZC, ZD, ZE and ZW series are the replacement notes. These replacement notes were released from time to time in concurrent with the normal circulation notes.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with all RM1 'Z' series. Are these replacement notes? I have posted an article in regards to the RM1 ZG replacement note in my earlier discussion which I have received many responses from collectors that these notes are indeed the normal circulation notes.

Various RM1 with prefix Z

So, is that true? The fact that Z series notes besides as mentioned above are normal circulation notes is based the amount of volume that these notes are released. Many have share their views that it is abnormal that replacement note will be issued in this matter as it is normally scare and hard to obtain. What say you?

Three Alphabets Prefix For Malaysian Banknotes

Another milestone for Malaysian banknotes for the year 2010 with the release of three alphabets prefix i.e. AAA banknotes for the first time ever by the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). If you have followed closely with the development of Malaysian banknotes, you should aware that it was never in the Malaysian banknote history that three alphabets were used in prefix since its first debut in 1967.

Since last year, we were observing what would be the next step that BNM will take since the it has ran out the two alphabets prefix for the RM1 note. Few predicted that the three alphabets prefix will be released and claimed that they have seen them in last year. Here we go, many of these three alphabets prefix of RM1 have released by BNM in conjunction with the high demand of new RM1 notes during the festival season.

RM 1 with three alphabets prefix i.e. AAA, AAC, AAD etc

Many collectors have shifted their attention to this RM1 prefix AAA note. Being the first three alphabets prefix in Malaysian banknote history, I am pretty sure the demand for this AAA note is high and the value will sky high.

RM10 ZC Replacement Notes

Many collectors are aware and have good knowledge about the replacement note nowadays. I came across these two replacement notes, retrieving from my kids "Ang Pau" or red packets during this CNY. It is normally a good times to scout for UNC replacement note during festival seasons. You will be surprise to see many of them just appear in the "Ang Pau" given to you or your kids.

I usually will keep these replacement notes for years, knowing the value of these notes will appreciate in future. The value of these notes can double or triple just in few years time. That's is my opinion and it normally does.

RM10 ZC Replacement Notes