Feb 21, 2010

RM10 ZC Replacement Notes

Many collectors are aware and have good knowledge about the replacement note nowadays. I came across these two replacement notes, retrieving from my kids "Ang Pau" or red packets during this CNY. It is normally a good times to scout for UNC replacement note during festival seasons. You will be surprise to see many of them just appear in the "Ang Pau" given to you or your kids.

I usually will keep these replacement notes for years, knowing the value of these notes will appreciate in future. The value of these notes can double or triple just in few years time. That's is my opinion and it normally does.

RM10 ZC Replacement Notes


Anonymous said...

I have 2 pcs RM10 with prefix starting ZD35XXXXX & ZD37XXXXX : wondering whether they are replacement notes?

Jack Hoo said...

Yes , they are replacement notes. These RM10 replacement notes have proceeded to ZE series.

Anonymous said...

Why are Z# XXXXXXX replacement are so worth the value ?

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