Feb 28, 2010

RM100 By Harrison & Son Company

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has adopted many printer companies in banknote printing. Most of the Malaysian banknotes in its earlier series were printed mainly by Bradbury Wilkinson & Co and Thomas De La Rue. At its later stage, the banknotes were also printed by others printers such as BA Banknote, United States Banknote, Canadian Banknote, Francois Charles Oberthur, Giesecke & Devrient and Harrison & Son.

Among all these printers, I am trying to figure out which printer company have printed the least in Malaysian banknote, of course this is in reference to the banknote denomination, signature and year of issuance.

I might not be correct completely. I find that the RM100 signed by Ahmad Don and printed by Harrison & Son Company is one of the least printed banknotes as far as the banknote printer is concern. Of course the printer also printed for RM500 of the same series.

2nd Series of RM100 signed by Tan Sri Dato' Ahmad Mohd Don and printed by Harrison & Son Company.

Let's take a quick check. This RM100 note is printed in two prefixes i.e. AN and AP. In other words, the total of full issuance of these notes is only 20 million pieces. Comparing to the same denomination note in this series, it is consider relatively rare. Surprisingly, the guide book has not reflected the value of this note and many of us might not aware of it. The value of this note is tagged par as the same series of RM100 printed by TDLR. One thing to note is that this is the very last print of the 2nd Series of RM100 before the introduction of 3rd Series (Wawasan).


Anonymous said...

Absolutely true and I agree 100% that the RM100 signed by Ahmad Don and printed by Harrison & Son Company is one of the least printed banknotes. But to classify the 2 prefixes of AN and AP to be relatively rare is somewhat misleading. Most collectors use the term 'rare' rather loosely. To me, for a banknote to be considered as rare, it must be not easily available, so much so that most collectors will not even own one, even a low grade piece. Examples are 1st series RM10 Z/1, 2nd series RM10 Z/4, RM100 ZU of USBC and RM1000 ZZ of Aziz Taha.

To me, the RM100 Ahmad Don prefix AN and AP are not even scarce as they are quite easily available in the market. Definitely not scarce now, maybe in 20 year's time. Try finding a piece of Blindman RM100 ZC in UNC condition and you will be surprised it's not easy. For those high-end collectors who collect the RM100 from prefix A-Z, I am sure the most difficult piece must be the 6th series RM100 ZX of TDLR, as most are printed by USBC. Try finding one and good luck.

kai said...


I am with you on this. I have seen so many sellers (especially Malaysians) describing their stock as rare and scarce and some what these two words have very or no meaning to me at all. From what I see, this is how it works. If they have them and you done, it's either rare or scarce to them. But if you have the same notes they are selling then yours is normal. I have 6 pieces (in sequential order) of this all AP prefix and I don't even grade them as hard to find!!

As to your comment that it may be rare in 20 years times, no, I don't think so as there are too many banknotes collectors nowadays and too many of these are already in dealers/collectors hands. Of course prices will go up in line with inflation and CPI.

As for the RM100 USBC prints, I am not quite sure what you meant by that. I have this (USBC) with ZVx2 and Zwx1 (P32a?) prefixes all in UNC. Unfortinatelly I don't collect all prefixes, as I see no point in doing so. Every prefix and serial no is unique and I don't see the point apart from holding dead money. The only worth collecting are the first and last prefixes, and any in between is just like all other normal notes. My opinion though!

Anonymous said...

I have some old Singaporean banknotes in which said to be much higher in value now. Where can i sell them?

Jack Hoo said...

Many ways to sell your banknote. You can sell them to dealers or through online auctions. Perhaps you can describe the notes that you have and leave you contact. Interested collector may look for you directly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kai,
I too agree with you that even in 20 year's time, the RM100 Ahmad Don prefix AN and AP will not even become rare. Noticed I used the word "scarce" only and also that was to be diplomatic with the webmaster.

As for the RM100 USBC, their prefix start from ZT(shared with TDLR)to ZY(again shared with TDLR) but in between, for the first 100,000 pieces of ZX, these were printed by TDLR, meaning only those ZX with 2 zeros in front were TDLR and the rest, USBC. Very strange and unique.

For the serious collectors who are also normally quite well-off, they take it as a challenge to collect certain series/variety/denomination from prefix A-Z. Normal collectors like us are already very happy when we can get the first and last prefix. Just like solid or golden nos. it is already very difficult and expensive to collect just a single piece like 888888 esp the older series but there are high-end collectors who even have a full set from 111111-1000000 and maybe of the same prefix too.

Anonymous said...

After reading all the comments on this thread I kinda agree with Kai that apart from the first and last prefixes, everyhing in between are "common notes".

Gimmicks from banknote traders enticed collectors to pay high premiums for certain prefixes.

I would like to add to the comment by Kai, I believed replacement notes should also be included in the worth collection category.

My 2c contribution.

Anonymous said...

Banknote dealers can use all sorts of gimmick to entice collectors like us but at the end of the day, we must make our own decision after some personal research to authenticate or justify their claims. Take it with an open mind and we may learn something new.

Other than collecting the first and last prefix like many collectors do, I also take special interest with similar prefix that appear in two different series and printers or even changes to some security features or designs. Examples are : RM5 6th series prefix NK and NR, RM5 7th series prefix PW. There are actually many others in all denominations and I feel that is what makes the hobby so interesting and fascinating. Happy collecting !

me said...

Hi Anonymous, Anonymous and Anonymous….(how many are there, guys?....Pick a name. Any names will do, even Tom, Dick or Harry, or even Ah Mau, Ah Kow or Ah Chee is still expectable too )

Anonymous (March 13, 2010). You are absolutely correct about replacement series, and I forgot all about this. I am sure you will find many series collectors would go for all prefixes available. Certain countries replacement notes in any crappy condition is still worth more than gold in weight!!

You guys seem to have an in-depth knowledge in prefixes notes printed. For me, I would be happy just to get one first, let alone looking for any special serial numbers or prefixes. Luckily you guys in Malaysia can obtain UNC notes easily, unlike some other foreign countries.

SilverMalaysia said...

Well, there is no way to quantify everybody comment. Just from otai experience.

me said...


This is just life. We can all post our comments here and at the end of the day, we can all agreed to disagree on this topic. I revisited this thread and I would like to, how should I say, 'eat my words' LOL!

It is correct to say that in 20 years many of these notes will worth much, much more, not just because of inflation. My reasoning is simple. What you guys are having are exposed to high risk in having them getting foxing on your collection, whilst for my collection, it is quite unlikely that mine will have that risk and problem. I wish you all luck and a Merry Christmas and a Great New Years, especially to all the Anonymous collectors out there. If you are having a beer tonight, have one one me. Yum-Sing!!


Anonymous said...

I Have one the sixth series RM 100 ZT.How much it costs now? My email chainana@gmail.com

awis said...

i have rm 100 us bank note,prefix zy

Jeff Taipan said...

I just wont bid rm100 ZX00 & that item still not reach to me.. but that seller told me that ZX00 is us banknotes not TDLR .. Is That True ZX00 had a 2 printer company ? I read a journal ZX00 only printed By TDLR and how come Us Banknote also printed series number of ZX00?

faris alimi said...

I have rm100 usbn prefix ZX...

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