Feb 21, 2010

Three Alphabets Prefix For Malaysian Banknotes

Another milestone for Malaysian banknotes for the year 2010 with the release of three alphabets prefix i.e. AAA banknotes for the first time ever by the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). If you have followed closely with the development of Malaysian banknotes, you should aware that it was never in the Malaysian banknote history that three alphabets were used in prefix since its first debut in 1967.

Since last year, we were observing what would be the next step that BNM will take since the it has ran out the two alphabets prefix for the RM1 note. Few predicted that the three alphabets prefix will be released and claimed that they have seen them in last year. Here we go, many of these three alphabets prefix of RM1 have released by BNM in conjunction with the high demand of new RM1 notes during the festival season.

RM 1 with three alphabets prefix i.e. AAA, AAC, AAD etc

Many collectors have shifted their attention to this RM1 prefix AAA note. Being the first three alphabets prefix in Malaysian banknote history, I am pretty sure the demand for this AAA note is high and the value will sky high.


sek yee said...

do you know where to change the RM1 prefix AAA....?

PC said...

sek yee

I have bundle in RM1000- with original packing by BNM. Pls e-mail me at opesang@gmail.com. TQ

Drifter Herbert said...

i hv one copy of AAA prefix RM1 note~~grade G~~
contact me if interested~~