Mar 13, 2010

Proof Banknote

By now, we should be able to understand the characteristic of specimen banknote which we have discussed earlier. Another type of banknote - proof banknote. What is this proof banknote? Perhaps the proof coin sounds much familiar to many collectors. Is there a proof banknote?

Yes. Proof banknotes were generally used to test run the printing plates and designs. They were normally printed in single face and without any serial numbers or signatures. Unlike specimen banknote, proof banknotes were mounted on cardboard for stability in working their way through the approval process. Another characteristic of this note is that the mounted note usually had printer's notations written in pencil at the bottom or backside.

A sample of Proof Banknote. This is a Treasury note $10 proof mounted on a card. Printed in black and white. Noted the notation by pencil written May 1880 at low centre margin.