Apr 25, 2010

RM50 With 50th Anniversary Logo - Prefix AE

Many topics on this 4th series (latest series) of RM50 have been discussed in my earlier posts. I think many of us still interested to know the fact of disappearance of prefix AB to AE of these RM50 which bear the logo of 50th Anniversary of Malaysia Independence. They supposed to be released together with prefix AA back in 2007. However, short period after release of prefix AA note, BNM introduced the prefix AF (without 50th anniversary logo) notes without issuing the notes in sequence (i.e. AB to AE were not issued)

Many rumours on the disappearance of these prefix AB to AE notes. Some highlighted these notes were never been printed due to its non-ATM compatibility which BNM discovered during the issuance of prefix AA notes. However, several months back, collectors spotted very few of these notes were actioned online. Questions started to raise among collectors on allegations made years back.

I guess the cloud has gone. We are pretty sure that indeed the issue of non-ATM compatibility on these notes has been resolved. Also, those AB to AE notes were printed in 2007 but they are just recently released by BNM. I have personally seen the AB, AC, AE notes. Of course it just a matter of time for me to meet up with AD note.

RM50 with prefix AE notes with 50th Anniversary Logo.


KP Gasket said...

Just to check with you, if the new RM50 with prefix AA to AE is worth to keep or not if it is not UNC?

Jack Hoo said...

UNC note is normally appreciating faster than circulated note. If possible, go for UNC note as they are still fresh to the market.