May 2, 2010

RM50 Prefix AE

In my earlier post I have shared some facts of this RM50 AB to AE notes. This is just to share with collectors on the running number of RM50 with prefix AE.

RM20 with prefix AE in running number.


Anonymous said...

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PC said...

Any market for RM1 with prefix AAA?
I have a few bundles in thousand

Jack Hoo said...

I believe Rm1 with Prefix AAA note sure has its market.

Anonymous said...

Everybody seems to be keeping a bundle or two or at least a few stacks of RM1 AAA. This fact is pretty obvious when we can't even see a piece of circulated AAA in our pocket change. As such, I think it will take a long long time before anyone who has kept them to expect or see any significant price hike.

sek yee said...

hi there,
where can i change the RM 1 prefix with AAA?

PC said...

If you want 3A RM1 can e-mail me at TQ