Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coins in Clothing

Coins are used in our daily transaction as a form of money. Coins which usually come with a lower-valued units are type of modern money we use as cash today to settle our bills. However, many of us might not aware that coins had been used or worn by many civilizations in centuries ago as jewelry to show their status in the community.

Coins were turned into necklaces and bracelets and worn by a person to reflect the standing in his/her community. The more coins he/she wore, the higher up they were in the society. Apart from jewelry, coins were used in clothing. Some of the old coins we encounter today have holes punched or addition round metal at the back of coins. All these alteration works to coins came with a purpose - making them fit into clothing or jewelry.

I have a few coins in my collection come with the features that I described above which make me believe that they were used as buttons in clothing. These coins were from Queen Victoria (1871 - 1901) and it is believed that people in century ago had used coins as buttons in their clothing apart from using them as medium of transaction - money.

Additional round metal welded at the back of coins to make them as buttons.

Obverse side of coins.

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