Nov 20, 2010

19th Edition of Standard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Coin & Paper Money

The release of 19th Edition of Standard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Coin & Paper Money in June 2010 was in the conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Celebration of International Stamp & Coin Sdn Bhd which was founded by Mr. Steven Tan in 1960. Congratulation and best wishes to him and his company!

The 19th Edition of Standard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei Coin and Paper Money

This catalogue is divided into two main sections which include paper money and coin. The first part of catalogue provides information of the paper money from Brunei, British North Borneo, Malaya, Malaya and British Borneo, Malaya Japanese Occupation and its Propaganda Issues, Malaysia, Sarawak, Straits Settlement and Singapore in alphabetical order.

Besides the Malaya Japanese Occupation notes, it also gives additional information and images of notes on Burma Japanese Occupation, Netherlands East Indies Japanese Occupation, Oceania Japanese Occupation and Philippines Japanese Occupation.

The guide book also covers the Federal Malay States (F.M.S) War Loan Bond Certificates and Coupons, Coagulant Units Coupons, Malaya Private Paper Currency, Malaya Rubber Export Coupons, Sarawak Rubber Export Coupons and Singapore Rubber Export Coupons.

Biography of Steven Tan and Brief History of International Stamp & Coin Sdn Bhd

One thing that I find this catalogue interesting is that the catalogue also displays some of the Malaya Unissued Proof and Colour Trial Specimen which I believe many of us might have not seen them before. These notes are extremely rare and they were only appeared in auction catalogue.

The second half of the catalogue provides information of coins. Coins that covered under this section include British North Borneo and its token, British Trade Dollar, Brunei, Malaya, Malaya & British North Borneo, Malaysia, Penang Tokens, Sarawak, Singapore Merchant and Private Tokens, Singapore Gold Bullion Coins and Strait Settlements.

However, the coin images illustrated in this section is without colour. In fact, some of the coin images used was inherited from its very earlier publication. Perhaps, this can be improved in upcoming edition.

Part of the contents of the guide book

Apart from the valuable information and current update of paper money and coins, collectors can also find useful sources especially in identifying the coin and banknote dealer in Malaysia and Singapore. Many of the dealers have their advertisement in this guide book. They do provide their contact to serve you.

Another useful information price analysis of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei banknotes over 25 years from 1976 to 2000. The banknote prices were tabulated and compiled through the 1st edition to 15th edition of the catalogue.

This catalogue can be purchased from International Stamp & Coin Sdn Bhd located at Lot 2.4 & 2.5 of Pertama Shopping Complex in Kuala Lumpur. The retail price is RM78.


Aleks said...

You have good information on blog - I love catalogs in which are published images of unissued bank notes - usually these unissued banknotes have a very original design

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