Nov 21, 2010

4th Series - RM50 Banknote with Stamp in Folder

As most of us are aware that the first 20,000 pieces of 4th Series of RM50 banknote comes with the serial number of AA0000001 to AA0020000 are with golden trim and a folder. However, the recent market survey has discovered that the similar folder has been reprinted and they are sold with AA note that comes with silver trim (Serial number AA0020001 and above).

There are also creative dealers that have Incorporated the RM50 banknote stamp that launched in January 2010 by POS Malaysia into the folder. The overall package looks attractive as the stamps, banknote and folder carry the same theme.

However, one must be able to differential the original folder that comes with premium banknote. The value of this reproduction folder has to depend on its banknote and, or stamp that come with it. After all, it is the banknote or stamp value that will appreciate.

A complete 4th Series of RM50 folder comes with AA note and stamp.


Anonymous said...

What is the market price of these 20000 folders ?

Jack Hoo said...

The market value of these original AA note with folder is around RM350.

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable as they were issued only at RM60 exactly 3 years ago. With only 20,000 folders, will you believe that one day, each of these folders with the original AA note will cost RM800? Yes or no, please give reasons.

me said...


This kind of madness can only been seen in Malaysia, right? Everyone thinks that they are holding a gold bar in their hand! And those ridiculous price tag published by those books didn't help either. I got mine for RM70. I really feel sorry for those suckers paying such a high price for it!

Anonymous said...


Even though only 20,000 folders were released, in few years times, it's still 19,999 folder in collectors hand. The idea of then costing RM800 is well over priced. This is not a note that went into circulation and diminishing in UNC condition by the day. Unless you have high inflation in the country, then RM800 is still consider cheap.

Anonymous said...

Why 19,999 folders in collectors' hands in a few year's time? What happened to the 1st or 20,000th? You mean to say BNM has one displayed at the KL museum? My speculation for the RM800 price tag is simply due to low supply versus high demand of the collectors and nothing to do with diminishing UNC grade since they are already in folders or high inflation in the country.

Anonymous said...

19,999 folders remaining is just a figure of speech. With 20,000 folders all sold, it is unlikely all 20,000 is still in UNC condition, as one would expect some accidental damage, especially some non collectors would like to take it out and have a good look and missed handle them. Of course foxing could be another issue in a high humidity environment too. Even, only 20,000 are sold, a price tag of RM800 is well over priced in my opinion, unless that 'one day' is say 10+ years from now, the what can you buy with RM800?!. Remember that this is a paper note, unlike polymer which may have a greater in demand worldwide. If you have a look at the Singapore 2004 SGD10 commemorative polymer issue. Only 10,000 folders were released, and again all sold out, and until today it has not reach the ridiculously price tag asked by dealers yet. I could be wrong, but whatever happen, I too will be laughing all the way to my bank. Thanks to those highly inflated price tag banknote books published locally. I only feel sorry to those new comers to this hobby. I am sure they need a more friendly Bank Manager than I do!

Also a personal comment on the Brunei commemorative notes. There is not option to place comments there. You might have to consider to include the 2004 BR50 and BR100 as 'commemorative' issues as well. These two polymer notes were released to coincide with the Sultan's birthday. Have a look at the notes and you will see the birthday imprinted on both notes. All other notes only have the year date, including the latest BR100 polymer 2008 polymer note prints.

Have fun all, and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Sold at MAVIN auction 26/3/2011

$50, (2008), 12th series, sign. Zeti Aziz, (Boon B69a), serial no. AA 0015334, commemorative, 50th Anniversary, UNC, with folder.
Realised: SG$190

(Before Buyers premium of 15% & GST of 7% on premium)

Approximately 16.05% more, thus sold for S$190*16.05*2.35=RM518
( no where near what Malaysia DEALER of RM700-800)