Nov 3, 2010

New Release of Malaysia Banknote and Coin Guide Book 2010

This year seems to be a busy year for publication of Malaysian banknote and coin catalogue. Through the recent information collected, it is observed that there are at least three new publications have been released to the market. Collector now has more choices to make reference on their collection with the new guide books make available to them.

One of the pioneer in Malaysian banknote and coin catalogue, Mr. Steven Tan, has released the 19th Edition of "Standard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Coin and Paper Money" middle of the year. This catalogue consists of 318 pages of color and quality printing that illustrate the Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei banknotes and coins started from 1845 to 2010. The catalogue provides information such as new pricing, issue year, banknotes size and coins mintage for collector reference.

Mr. KN Boon has also released its new guide book through his latest publication of the 5th Edition of "Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore Banknotes and Coins". This guide book give a complete educational reference for Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore banknotes and coins that cover from 1786 to September 2010. The guide book has a total of 453 pages compare to 437 pages in its 4th edition.

Another famous author in banknote and coin guide book, Mr. Peter Eu and Mr. Ben Chiew have join the battle by introducing their 1st publication of "Malaysia Banknotes and Coins 2010". This newly introduced catalogue consists of 153 pages with colourful images of Malaysian banknotes and coins. It provides information on circulation and commemorative banknotes and coins with reference prices.

I am a guide book collector. I love collecting them because they provide valuable information and current update on my collection. I surely will want to grab all the above guide books. I will share with you my review of these guide books once they are on my bookshelf.


ar1923 said...

I have purchased Mr Tans new cataloque, nothing new compared to previous edition. I have been told Mr Boon's new edition will be the same, ie no new info, merely an update of the current market price.

I understand it is difficult to add new information due to the fast 2 years turn around in between editions, perhaps it would be better to wait 3 years?

The third book mention might be worth to collect as it is a first edition ....

Jack Hoo said...

There are collectors sharing the same thought as you. Not much changes or updates compared to its previous edition.

I would think that the major update will be the current prices of the banknotes and coins. I believe dealers and active collectors would want to have update on their collection.

Anonymous said...

How much is the price and where I can get it? Thanks.

Jack Hoo said...

Mr. Tan's guide book can directly purchase with him at Pertama Complex. The price is RM78.

Mr. Boon's guide book is available at Trigometric at Amcorp Mall. The price is around RM65.

Mr. Eu's guide book usually available in major book stores. It can also be purchased through online. Retail price is RM28.

The above prices are for reference only, please do your own bargain.

Anonymous said...

Never believe in the listed prices
of these Books.

They are highly inaccurate.

The best price indicator are transacted deals eg Mavin and MNS auctions.

My 2c contribution.

kai said...

As a collector, I would pick the most dearest one as a guide to those that I already have in my collection. This would make me feel very happy! (LOL!). If I was looking for one, I will use the one with the cheapest listing. Common sense, dealers will maximize their profit with whichever books suite them best.

I will never, never used Mavin nor MNS auctions as a guide. Never! In my opinion, only a seller would say that!

If two dump and dumper want to show off their bank account balance, by keep bidding on an auction item, then that is their choice. The end sale price does not necessary represent the true market value of that item. The sole purpose of an auction is to get the best price out of an item, regardless of what the book said. How often do we see bidders on auction bought on impulse!

That is my 2 sen…..