Sunday, June 20, 2010

Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction 144

The 144th Coins and Banknotes Auction will be held at Muzium Negara on 27 June 2010 (Sunday) at 10a.m. This is the 2nd auction organised by the Malaysia Numismatic Society (MSN) in 2010. For those who are interest to find out some good stuff, please visit the MNS website for latest price list.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

RM10 Error Banknote

Error banknotes are usually scouting actively by many banknote collectors because of its scarcity and its high appreciation value. Error banknotes are banknotes printed imperfectly in one or many aspects. Some of them are due to imcomplete printing i.e. missing portrait on the banknote or over printed with double images. Others could be due to extra or minus in banknote sizes. They are also error banknote printed with imcomplete serial number.

This is a typical Malaysian banknote printed with error. Take a close of the serial number printed on the reverse side of note. The horizontal serial nummber was printed in two portions with the majority of the number printed on the left and the prefix was printed at the right.

3rd Series of Malaysian banknote RM10 with error in serial number. The horizontal serial number (printed in black) was seperated in left and right.