Feb 15, 2011

RM1 Replacement Note ZAB

Soon after the release of three alphabets prefix i.e. AAA by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in 2010, the replacement notes have also followed with the three alphabets prefix i.e. ZAA. And recently, the ZAB replacement notes also release to the market.

There is an obvious discrepancy between the ZAA and ZAB. Noted that the font size used for ZAB is slightly bigger than ZAA. In ZAB replacement note, you will notice that the prefix font size is bigger than the first numeric font i.e. 'ZAB' has a bigger font size than '0'. However, you will not find this in ZAA replacement note.

3rd Series RM1 ZAB Replacement Note.


Goh Kong Chee said...

If there are no ZAA replacement note, than how you know that the ZAA font size is smaller than ZAB?

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of RM1 ZAA replacement notes around but unfortunately, did not get featured for comparison. For the normal RM1 notes, I noticed the bigger fonts started from prefix ABX onwards. Start looking for them, KC Goh.

Jay said...

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Jack Hoo said...

KC Goh, I should have shown both notes ZAA and ZAB for comparison.

Anonymous,do u think the bigger font size could be due to different printers?

Anonymous said...

Jack, your guess is only as good as mine regarding the different font size. I shared the same view that it has to do with different printers. Of all the denominations, RM1 has the most variations in terms of colour tint and tone.

Marklaro said...

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Anonymous said...

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$1 (2), (1967-72), 1st series, sign. Ismail Md. Ali, solid security thread, (P.1a; Boon B1a, B1c), serial nos. B/27 261908, Z/1 111670 (replacement note), ageing, handling, thus AU. (2)
Realised: SG$400

$100, (1972-76), 2nd series, sign. Ismail Md. Ali, (P.17a; Boon B11b), serial no. Z/1 024775, replacement note, pressed, VF.
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$1, (1972-76), 2nd series, sign. Ismail Md. Ali, (P.7; Boon B7), serial no. E/41 1000000, ageing, nice AU-UNC.
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$5, (1982-84), 5th series, sign. Aziz Taha, (P.20; Boon B25c), serial nos. NZ 0037393 to 397, 5 consecutive replacement notes, UNC. (5)
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Cho said...

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