Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sasana Kijang - Money Museum and Art Gallery

A press statement was released by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) on 14 September 2011 in conjunction with the official launching of Sasana Kijang by the Prime Minister, Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.
Sasana Kijang is a realization of BNM's aspiration to establish a centre of excellence in knowledge and learning in central banking and finance. It is also a home to the international Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB), an international organization for the setting of prudential standard of the Islamic Finance and the SEACEN Centre, a regional learning and research centre for central banks in South East Asia.
Prime Minister taking a look at world currencies on display at Sasana Kijang during the launching day. Photo from Btimes.
In addition to the training facilities, offices and conference halls, Sasana Kijang with a built up area of 1.09 million sq. ft. also hosts the BNM Knowledge and Management Centre and BNM Museum and Art gallery which is open to the public in October 2011.
The words 'Sasana' is derived from Sanskrit and describes a site, centre, building or arena where communities gather for meetings. While the 'Kijang' is BNM's official logo. The Sasana Kijang's architectural concept is inspired from the shape of the Cowrie shell, a popular form of money in the Malay peninsular during the 3rd century. Its external building facade derived from the geometric patterns of traditional Malaysian songket motifs, reflecting the hard woven design.
The external facade of "Sasana Kijang', an modern architectural design
Located opposite the Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman at Jalan Tun Husssein Onn, the Sasana Kijang building adopted modern architectural design with full glazing and curtain walling. It allows the natural light ventilation throughout most corner of the building. I am impress with the building concept and its modern architectural design.
Sasana Kijang located at Jalan Tun Hussein Onn, opposite of Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman.
A few days prior to the official opening of 'Sasana Kijang', I was attending a course around the area and managed to pay the building a visit during the break. At that time, most of the areas in the building are already in operational except a small corner was still in final stage of renovation. I could not figure out the exact location of Money Museum despite talking to the security personal. But I will definitely pay them a visit again.
For numismatists or collectors, I am pretty sure that this has been long waited for since the closure of Money Museum and Museum Shop at BNM in July 2007. And finally, it is back again.

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