Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RM1 Replacement Note ZAB

Soon after the release of three alphabets prefix i.e. AAA by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in 2010, the replacement notes have also followed with the three alphabets prefix i.e. ZAA. And recently, the ZAB replacement notes also release to the market.

There is an obvious discrepancy between the ZAA and ZAB. Noted that the font size used for ZAB is slightly bigger than ZAA. In ZAB replacement note, you will notice that the prefix font size is bigger than the first numeric font i.e. 'ZAB' has a bigger font size than '0'. However, you will not find this in ZAA replacement note.

3rd Series RM1 ZAB Replacement Note.

RM10 Replacement Note ZE

This is just to share a piece of ZE replacement note received in daily transaction. Many times, you need no spend extra bulks or pay premium to own a piece of replacement note. They just appear in front of you without notifying you. However, it is usually hard to discover a UNC replacement note in your daily transaction. Unless you are so lucky to withdraw them fresh from ATM machine or it appears in your new stack of money that you exchange from bank.

RM10 Repalcement Note ZE

RM50 ZB Repalcement Note

For those collectors whom have read my earlier postings by now should be aware that this 4th series of RM50 replacement note that carry the prefix ZB is meant for replacement on those notes that do not carry any 50th anniversary logo i.e. prefix AF onwards.

Only replacement note ZA has 50th anniversary logo on the reserve side of the note. Therefore ZA note is replacement for prefix AA to AE.

RM50 Replacement Note with Prefix ZB